The staff

Vigdís Esradóttir and Einar Unnsteinsson are the hotel managers in Laugarhóll. The house was originally built as a grammar school and Dísa and Einar used to be teachers there and therefore well acquainted with the area. They are both educated as teachers but besides teaching Einar has been working in the film industry as a set-builder and art-director and Dísa is a former director of Salurinn, the first concert hall in Iceland. In 2009 they moved back to Bjarnarfjörður where they have built a home close to the hotel, partly out of driftwood (local wood of the area), and intend to spend the latter half of their lives in this peaceful valley. Einar and his brother in law, Esra, are the chefs at the restaurant, with their unconditional love for food. In additon to those three there are seven other empoyees who take pride in making the visitors comfortable and feeling at home.