About Laugarhóll

The history of Laugarhóll is quite remarkable, but the house has not always been a hotel...

Swimming pool

The swimming pool at Laugarhóll is one of the oldest swimming pools in Iceland that is still in use...


We offer a variety of food made from natural ingredients grown locally. In our kitchen we have chefs of three nationalities who get to work with the purest and freshest ingredients available.


Laugarhóll offers variable accommodations. We have everything for an exciting weekend stay, a romantic moment, or an entire family reunion...

The Hall

Laugarhóll offers a multipurpose hall that has been a popular event venue. There have been banquets, art exhibitions, choir rehearsals, album recordings, family reunions and much more...

Renting off-season

Our out of season rentals have been extremely popular in recent years and we have offered various activities for groups during the off-season.


We have been extremely fortunate to have attracted staff from around the world. We have seen that each person brings a fresh perspective and talents to the table.