There is a long history of a swimming pool in Bjarnarfjörður. It all started in 1928 when a group of young men were doing roadwork with hand-tools only. After a strenuous day they watched the vapor from warm brooks and decided that the lukewarm water should be used for bathing. They shoveled out the sides of a brook and by damming the water created a little pool in the middle of a hayfield. 

Later the same year The Swimming Club Grettir was founded here in Bjarnarfjörður. The following year the walls were made in concrete and from 1929 a pool measuring 16x8 meters served its role. When it began to show weakness eyes turned to the farm Klúka and its warm springs. 

The building of this swimming pool started in 1943, financed by Grettir, the local community council and the state. Carrying rocks to fill the ground under the pool and dragging the building material to the location was an enormous strife but voluntary work by the motto of the Swimming club All for one played a big role.

The pool was opened in 1947 and named Gvendarlaug hins góða after a very old bathing pool above it. According to folktales it was inaugurated by ‘the good’ bishop Guðmundur (Gvendur) Arason around 1200 and is now a protected archaeological site.